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Mermaid Safety

Swim Test

Swimming with a tail and mono fin create extra weight and resistance on the water. Children must be 6 years or older to swim with monofins in our lessons. Younger bodies are more likely to be injured by weight created when swimming as a mermaid.

All participants must be able to achieve the skills shown in video below as tails and monofins reduce leg movement greatly.

If you are able to achieve the skills you should have the skills and stamina to learn to swim as a mermaid.

If you can not yet achieve these skills, please practice them until you can.

Swim tests will be done at the start of each experience in line with our health and safety policy.

Humans who are unable to pass will be required to leave the experience with no refund.

Swim Criteria

- Swim 25 meters comfortably

- Submerge face fully whilst swimming

- Dolphin kick for 5 meters

- Lift feet off the floor and turn 360° around

- Tread water in shallow and deep water



We only allow professional sports mono fins in our tails to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Our fins have separated foot holds to allow maximum foot support.
There is a gap between the foot holds so knees and ankles don’t rub together.
Our fins are 2-4mm thick so the plastic is flexible and so reduces strain on necks and spines.
Straps attach at heals so less pressure on ankle joints than other fins on the market.
Our ankle straps have quick release ribbons or straps.
Our foot holds have water channels built in to reduce resistance created in the water.



All our team are qualified Level 2 Swim teachers through Scottish Swimming or STA. We also have additional certified Mermaid Instructing qulifications recognised by YMCA fitness and CIMPSA - The Chartered Institute for The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity.

We all also a current Royal Lifesaving qualification.

We are fully insured through BGi and all hold current Disclosure Scotland PVG certificates.

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Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy


To view our policy please click here

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