Private Mermaid Pool Experiences

Join us for a magical 1 hour long experience in the pool as we visit Merkingdom.

Our experiences take place will take place in a swimming pool with a qualified Mermaid Instructor.

During the session mermaids will learn the safety mermaid skills, the basic mermaid movements, partake in mermaid games and challenges and take a few photos or videos to help capture the memory.

All equipment including monofins and tails are provided by Mermaids Scotland
The minimum number of mermaids for this book is 4 for Glasgow bookings and 6 for other locations.

£28 per mermaid

Safety is important so participants must be able to meet the following criteria:

Swim 25 metres comfortably

Be able to submerge their face fully whilst swimming

Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water

Be able to lift their knees and turn 360degrees in both directions

Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 metres


​For our children's class, children must be 6 years old or

older to ensure they are physiologically ready to use a monofin.

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